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What are the costs associated with real estate investments?

When investing in real estate in the UK, it is mandatory to work with a lawyer/solicitor who can assist you throughout the investment process. Stamp duty, mortgage deposit, commissions and land registry charges, may vary depending on the amount invested and legislation. Our team at QuaLegal has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that you are fully informed about all of the expenses and taxes associated with your investment.

What is after sales real estate investment expenses?

When it comes to real estate investment in the UK, it’s important to consider after-sales expenses that may arise after the initial purchase.

These expenses can have a significant impact on your investment, so it’s essential to plan for them in advance. Some of the most common after-sales expenses in the UK include council tax, rental income tax, natural disaster and other insurance costs, annual maintenance, property taxes, property ownership, and maintenance of the house.

What does real estate expertise mean, and what are the associated costs?

The appraisal report is an essential part of the process, especially in the case of credit purchases, as it determines the value of the house in a clear manner.

Why is it necessary to work with a lawyer/solicitor for real estate investments?

Working with a Lawyer for real estate investments in the UK is mandatory for the sale process and the execution of legal proceedings, and our team can help you find the best lawyer to work with. Once all the reports are positive, the lawyers of both parties step in and start the sale process. Finally, your lawyer applies to the Land Registry Administration for the sale registration, and the title deed of your real estate is issued in your name or in the name of the company you invested in and delivered to you.

I have received the Real Estate Deed. How can I fulfil my rental and other necessary needs after the purchase?

At Qualegal Investment, our commitment to our investors doesn’t end with the sale of the property. We offer a range of after-sales services and property management solutions that ensure your investment remains profitable and well-maintained.

Our team of experts can assist you in finding the right tenants for your property, handling all aspects of the rental process, from marketing and tenant screening to rent collection and property maintenance.

Can I apply for residence and citizenship in the UK with real estate investment?

It’s important to understand that investing in real estate in the UK does not provide the right to apply for a residence permit or citizenship. However, QuaLegal offers expert advisory services to assist investors in making the right investment decisions.

What are the basic terms of Mortgage Use in the UK?
One of the most frequently asked questions in the UK real estate market is about the basic terms of mortgage use. If you’re planning to invest in real estate, it’s essential to understand the essential terms related to mortgages. These include the deposit, interest rates, repayment periods, and the associated fees. To answer this question, we would need to discuss several details about the investor in more depth.

At Qualegal, we have a team of experts who can help you navigate the complex world of real estate investments. Feel free to browse our FAQ section or reach out to us via our contact page for more information on our services. We look forward to helping you achieve your investment goals.

I am not a citizen of the UK and I do not possess a residence permit. Am I eligible to apply for a mortgage?
As a non-UK citizen without a residence permit, you may still be able to obtain a mortgage, but the terms and conditions will depend on various factors such as your financial situation, credit history, and employment status.

Typically, lenders will require non-UK citizens to have a certain level of income and a good credit score to be eligible for a mortgage. They may also ask for proof of residency, such as a work permit or visa, as well as a deposit of up to 25% of the property’s value.

It’s worth noting that mortgage products available to non-UK citizens may differ from those available to UK citizens, and the interest rates and fees may be higher.

Feel free to browse our FAQ section or reach out to us via our contact page for more information on our services. We look forward to helping you achieve your investment goals.

I require maintenance, repair, and renovation services. Where can I obtain these services?

We offer a comprehensive property management service that covers all aspects of maintenance, repairs, and renovations. We work with trusted and reliable contractors to ensure that your property is well-maintained and any issues are promptly resolved. Our team also carries out regular inspections of your property to identify any potential problems before they become bigger issues.

What is Leasehold Property Investment?

With the Leasehold method, ownership is provided for a period ranging from 100 to 1000 years and the land where the property is located does not belong to the purchaser. An annual price is paid for the land and as time passes, the sales price must decrease. In the purchase of Leasehold housing, it is obligatory to obtain permission from the property owner for any renovations to be made to the residence.

I have rented my house, how can I get the rental fees?

If you have rented out your house, you can receive the rental fees directly to a UK bank account. Once you have received the payment, you can then adjust the settings as per your requirements.

Property Insurance?
Natural disasters and other unexpected events can result in significant damage to your property, so it’s important to have adequate insurance coverage to protect your investment.

We can provide you with the most comprehensive policies to protect your investment against all types of damages.

How are the incomes obtained from real estate investments taxed?

Capital gains tax (CGT) is payable on the profit made when you sell a property that has increased in value since you bought it. On the other hand, rental income is subject to income tax. It’s worth noting that there are various tax allowances and deductions that can help to reduce your rental income tax liability.

What is Capital Gain Tax?

In the UK, capital gains tax (CGT) is payable on the profit made when you sell a property that has increased in value since you bought it. The current CGT rate for individuals is 20% for higher rate taxpayers, and 10% for basic rate taxpayers. However, there are certain conditions that may allow you to reduce your CGT liability, such as using your annual CGT allowance, which for the tax year 2022/23 is £12,300.

What is Rental Income Tax?

The amount of tax payable depends on your total income, including rental income, and the tax band you fall into. For the tax year 2022/23, the basic rate of income tax is 20% on income up to £50,270, the higher rate is 40% on income between £50,271 and £150,000, and the additional rate is 45% on income above £150,000. Additionally, if your rental income exceeds certain thresholds, you may be required to register for and pay value added tax (VAT)

What is Council Tax?

This mandatory payment is required by local governments and funds local services such as road maintenance and garbage collection. The amount of council tax that must be paid can vary depending on the location and value of the property. If you’re renting out your property, you’ll also need to factor in rental income tax. This tax is based on the income you receive from renting out your property and can vary depending on your income bracket, the value of the property, and other factors.

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